Welcome to the home page of the Western Night League.


The 2017-18 season is now well under way and the league positions and results after the first four events are on the results page. The next and first event of 2018 is on 6th Janaury at British Camp, Malvern organised by Brian Laycock of HOC. A flyer is available for the event. The pub of the night is the Malvern Hills Hotel and the bar food menu is available on the website.

The current fixtures list is here but we are hopeful that more events will be added and there will be changes so please keep an eye on the website.

Ifor maintains a planning document which is available via google docs and can be used to identify future updates.

We will keep the number of events under review and if necessary reduce the maximum number of scores that count for the league and handicap competitions.

The Google Western Night League discussion group is here.

The event guidelines are consistent with the BOF Insurance Policy. Backup lighting and whistles are compulsory and the organiser should actively check they are carried. Please Note the latest update "Special attention should be given to newcomers to night O especially with limited day experience as well. The most critical thing is to emphasise the easier controls and the time limit. Make it clear that they should be aiming to be back a bit early for a first outing. Make it clear that if they are seriously late the organiser will start asking people not to leave so they are available to help with a search which would be started soon after everyone else has finished."

A reminder that if you have any queries about the results for an event, you should in the first instance contact the organiser to get them amended. Also it would be much appreciated if organisers would return results to Andy White using the standard template which can be found on the documents page.

Mike Farrington


Whistles are compulsory and competitors should ensure that their lighting is adequate. Organisers may require cagoules to be worn. It is strongly recommended that a mobile phone is carried and that the number is given to the organiser and the organiser's number is programmed in. Night orienteering is inherently risky, and while competitors compete at their own risk, it is expected that everyone will take all possible action to minimise these risks.

1. WNL Pub of the Night, will be announced by the Organiser on the night.
2. WNL events are a 1 Hour score format with penalties for lateness (1pt for every 6 seconds).
3. For novices, approx 25% controls will form a yellow standard course.
4. Best 6 of the events to count for the overall final rankings.
5. Night Champs are included for information. Enter these direct if interested.
6. Start times, generally Nightfall for 1 hour, but contact Organiser for confirmation.
7. Regular League Tables published with the results of each event.